Richard Bruxvoort Colligan 

"The thought of recording seemed overwhelming, but Richard's ability to organize, explain, direct and encourage made this an absolutely delightful experience!"

Jan Turner, recording artist
Milford, IA

"Richard has the unique ability to help the artist expand their creativity without losing focus... he truly desires that the artist is satisfied during each step of the project."

Peder Eide, touring musician
Eide Productions, Minneapolis, MN

Serving you and your songs

Artist Coaching

To insure a relaxed, enjoyable experience, you need a plan. With the guidance of producer Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, you'll make the most of your studio time.


Got the songs, but need them polished for the studio? We're help you create band arrangements, write vocal parts, whatever the music is asking for.

Studio Performing

Need instruments or vocals to fill out your sound? This Here Music has a network of pro players at your disposal.

Recording, Digital Editing and Mixing

We have over 22 years of experience in performance, studio recording and on-site recording.