"Richard's creativity always stays true to the music... I can always count on him to prioritize things for a project and accomplish them."

John Markiewicz, engineer/producer
Audio Logic Pro Sound
Minneapolis, MN







Discography (Partial List)

Laura Gentry: Yule Laugh! (Gentry Joint Records, Marquette, IA) 2011

Sara Avery: Meditations (Quanta Records, Denver, CO) 2011

Laura Gentry: Be Laughter (Gentry Joint Records, Marquette, IA) 2011

Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp: From the Chapel II (Riverside Records, Story City, IA) 2011

Laura Gentry: Holy Hysterics (Gentry Joint Records, Marquette, IA) 2010

Laura Gentry: Yoga de la Risa (Gentry Joint Records, Marquette, IA) 2010

Julie Gibson: Meditations (Independent, Des Moines, IA) 2010

Trish Bruxvoort Colligan: Splash! (RainDancer Records, Minneapolis, MN) 2010

Richard Bruxvoort Colligan: Shout For Joy Psalm Project (Augsburg, Mpls, MN) 2010

The River's Voice: Labyrinth Walk (River's Voice Music, Strawberry Point, IA) 2009

Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp: From the Chapel to You (Story City, IA) 2009

The River's Voice: Pilgrims to a New World (River's Voice Music, Strawberry Point, IA) 2009

Laura Gentry: Laugh Your Way There! (Gentry Joint Records, Marquette, IA) 2008

The River's Voice: Seven Year Kiss (River's Voice Music, Strawberry Point, IA) 2008

Richard Bruxvoort Colligan: Sharing the Road Psalm Project (Augsburg, Mpls, MN) 2007

The River's Voice: Seeds of Faith (River's Voice Music, Strawberry Point, IA) 2005

The River's Voice: Behold (River's Voice Music, Minneapolis, MN) 2002

The River's Voice: Unfolding (River's Voice Music, Strawberry Point, IA) 2001

Trish Bruxvoort Colligan: Breath (RainDancer Records, Strawberry Point, IA) 2000

Youth Encounter: Sing Alongs! (Youth Encounter Records, Minneapolis, MN) 1999

Allie Brawn: self-titled (Independent) 1999

Paul Frantsen: River of Mercy (Cross the Sky Music, Waverly, IA) 1999

Namaste: Circle (Namaste Records, Cedar Falls, IA) 1999

Nazareth Lutheran Church Choir (Armstrong, IA) 1998

Diane Wahlman: Love Letters (Wahl Manor Records, Milford, IA) 1998

Fortune Lake Bible Camp: By Grace (Fortune Lake Records, Crystal Falls, MI) 1998

Sharon Anway: A Gathering of Friends live concert (Independent, Cedar Falls, IA) 1998

Rich Colligan: More Hello (This Here Music, Milford, IA) 1998

One Man's Junk: demo (Independent, Spirit Lake, IA) 1998

Shaffer Brothers: Life In Progress (Blue Feather Records, Rochester, MN)  1998

And Joses': My Opium (Independent) 1997

Bruce Rundman: Life Stories (Salt Lady Records, Ishpeming, MI) 1997

Central Standard Time: Second Whisper (Independent, Iowa) 1997

Paul Frantsen: Called to Grace (Cross the Sky Music, Waverly, IA) 1997

Youth Encounter International Teams (Youth Encounter Records, Minneapolis, MN) 1997

All Things Fixed: demo (Independent, Milford, IA) 1997

David and Bette Rod: Pieces (Independent, Iowa) 1997

Diane Wahlman: For the Prairie (Wahl Manor Records, Milford, IA) 1997

Jonathan Rundman: Recital (Salt Lady Records, Minneapolis, MN) 1997

Fat & Happy: Sunday Every Day (Independent, Minneapolis, MN) 1997

Charis: The Great Divide (Charis Records, Spirit Lake, IA) 1997

Dementia: demo (Dementia Records, Milford, IA) 1997

Paul Frantsen: Online with God (Cross the Sky Music, Waverly, IA) 1996

Shaffer Brothers: Time (Blue Feather Records, Rochester, MN)  1996

Tami Ahrendt: Dreams and Muses (Independent) 1996

Cindi Kay Schlei: Only the Beginning (Independent, Spirit Lake, IA) 1996

Swen & Dean: As Is (Songs For the Good records, Minneapolis, MN) 1996

Trish Bruxvoort: Showings (RainDancer Records, Okoboji, IA) 1996

Rich Colligan: Move (This Here Music, Milford, IA) 1996

Gloryland: self-titled (Chuchoir Records, Armstrong, IA) 1996

Trish Bruxvoort: Sacred Passages (RainDancer Records, Okoboji, IA) 1995

Echelon: Some Assembly Required (Echelon Records, Minneapolis, MN) 1995

Great Big Voice compilation (ChildHeart Records, Okoboji, IA) 1994

Swen: KSNR (Swen Records, Minneapolis, MN) 1994

Sarah Johnson: Under the Same Moon (ChildHeart Records, Okoboji, IA) 1994

Vision: self-titled (ChildHeart Records, Okoboji, IA) 1994

Amy Schnell: Walk With the Life (Angel Heart Records) 1994

Jonathan Rundman: Wherever (Salt Lady Records, Minneapolis, MN) 1994

Tom Pietz: Prayer & Praise (Independent) 1992

Rich Colligan: The Heart and Physics (This Here Music, Milford, IA) 1992